Healthy Mealtimes

We believe meals and snack times are an opportunity for discovery, social interaction, learning… and fun! Mealtimes show children the value of enjoying food among friends and help them acquire healthy habits and lifelong skills.

Mealtimes take place under the watchful care of our staff, so they become part of your child’s learning experience. Our caring staff help children to develop good manners, learn about hygiene and pick up essential life skills such as using cutlery. At Little Tulips Day Nursery, we’re passionate about healthy eating and promoting the value of a balanced diet.

All food is prepared freshly on the premises in our dedicated nursery kitchen by our in-house professional nursery cook. Parents are reassured that the children are offered their five portions of fruits and vegetables every day. We are more than happy to cater for special dietary requirements too.

At Little Tulips we provide 5 meals a day, our three-week menu is displayed at our nursery entrance so parents can view what we offer.